The Story So Far

You and your companions have just returned to Fallcrest after retrieving the magical skull for Traevus the dwarf. You arrive at the Nentir Inn and enter. The inn is bustling with people even at this early hour. You scan the taproom and find Traevus sitting at a table in the corner opposite from you. He is sitting there nursing his drink and as he spots you his eyes widen in excitement and anticipation.

You sit down at his table and he orders a round for everyone. You present him with the box which holds the skull. He quietly pulls the box to him and hands you your reward. After a moment he disappears with the box and he buys you another round. about twenty minutes later he returns and sits down again.

He looks at you thoughtfully and then tells you that there are other skulls similar to the skull you retrieved. The number is unknown but it is urgent that they be found. A group known as the Magoram are seeking to get all the skulls, and if they do they will unleash an evil that will consume the world.

He offers you a job of retrieving the skulls and returning them to him to be transported to the the Brothers of Light. Their monastery is in the Cairngorm Peaks near the Stonemarch. The Brothers can destroy the skulls and this will prevent the evil from reaching this world.

If you accept he offers you five hundred gold each and you can keep what ever treasures you may find. Do you Accept this challenge?

The Story So Far

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